Friday, December 22, 2006

It's The Most Consumeristic Time Of The Year...

OMG, I'm actually knitting again! With my yarn stash gathering dust bunnies in a large section of my guest room and loads of knitting needles strewn about, with and without WIPs on them, I decided to embark on my first knitting project in about a year and a half! First I had to go out and buy more needles, not that I needed any, but I just couldn't pass up the new pink Denise Needles. I mean, it's for a good cause right? $5 of each purchase goes to help support breast cancer research. :) Once in hand, I decided to start small and work on the Lace-Up Fingerless Gloves from the book Alterknits, which I purchased from Amazon. I'm using Manos del Uruguay (#100-Agate).

Wowzers does this stuff knit up beautifully! The colors are amazing and instead of buying it, I actually pulled this one from my stash.