Monday, February 16, 2009

So I guess I'll be movin' my posts over to pgk2

i've been trying to get ravelry to pick up my rss feed from for almost a year now. it appears that their interface doesn't like underscores. i worked with different ravelry support and they just kept pointing me to the rss url i needed to embed in my profile. i told them that i had tried the atom feed one:
as well as the the usual rss one: and neither worked in ravelry. i asked their chat support if it might be due to the underscore in my url. she said that it could, but they hadn't tested for it.

excerpt from chat session:

We've run across a few here and there that have never worked and Casey doesn't have an explanation as to why

do they have underscores in their blog url?

he doesn't understand why it's not worked for some folks either
that might be a possible glitch
tho we've never tested that theory to prove or disprove

yeah i was going to set up another blog to test

LEt us know if it makes a difference if you do

Well it does...the feed is working now. I'm just bummed that purlgurlknits was already taken, but purlgurlknits2 has it's own little nuances that i'm pretty pleased with :)

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