Monday, March 24, 2008

Sockcess #2

Ok, so there were a few socks that were pulled out and re-knit before I got to these, but they're my 2nd sockcessful pair.

Yarn: Austermann Step Duett Color 52
Using 54 cyllinder: 20 row hem top, 45 row 5-1 mock rib, 10 row knit with all 54 needles, heel, 45 rows knit, toe. Kitchnered by transferring all stitches to a #2 long circular needle and did the Knitter's Companion version of the kitchner stitch. This helped me out alot to make sure I was getting the right stitches and not inadvertently the row below or a non-"live" stitch.

Some issues I had with these...still dropping stitches here and not seem to have the height of the yarn carrier set to it's sweet spot yet. I have to guide the initial beginning row in afterwards it seems to work alright. The 1st sock came out in a tighter gauge than the 2nd even though I did not change the tension settings. I guess I have to pay more attention to when I place the various weights and where.

They're being washed and dried as I type. Crossing my toes that they don't shrink too much. I need to stop gambling with these expensive sock yarns and get some practice yarn. I've got a huge cone of undyed merino I should really be using. I guess I could dye them later if they're worthy enough. :)

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