Friday, February 15, 2008

UFO down to earth

Lion Brand Beanie
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They call it "grunge" lace, I call it cute. What do you think?

i was pretty close to finishing this last year, but for some reason, i stopped more than 1/2 way through it. the pattern called for repeating the 4 row "grunge" lace 3 times, but i ended up doing it 5 times as i felt the beanie was a little too short. i also only did the ending 2 by 2 rows 5 times instead of the pattern's 6 and also swapped out from size 7 needles to 5s as the hat was just a tad too loose. seems to fit just fine now. Made with Jewels from La Lana Wools, Mountain Colors and Blue Sky Alpaca Suri. It goes with the Jewels scarf I made last year after getting the La Lana Wools' yarn at Stitches West 2007.

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