Tuesday, February 19, 2008

yep, i'm antsy alright...

Chompin' at the bit alright... but boy I'm movin' up fast!

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So I broke my promise to continue knitting off my UFOs pile. I picked up a copy of The Magic Loop: Working Around On One Needle from a new LYS located dangerously close to my house! :) some german sock yarn that I forget the name of and set myself up to start knitting a pair of socks. The idea was for me to cast on both socks and knit them with just one circular needle. Since the pattern I was using came straight from the booklet and called for worsted weight and I had sock weight I'd have to make a swatch to figure out gauge and do a little math. Well, I was impatient as usual as well as lazy to figure out how to deal with casting on both socks on using this one needles method so I ended up pulling some Cascade 220 (#4192) from my stash and just knit one sock on one needle. I'm right at the heel now. Too bad it's not superwash. Oh well...good for practicing anyways. I have yet to complete a pair of socks. Let's hope I finish these.

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  1. I ran into the same fate last night. I was supposed to be finishing the second of a pair of gloves, but decided to cast on a new sock instead. :)