Monday, April 14, 2008

one week later

so it was last sunday that i catapulted myself over the handlebars of my friend's honda 150. by tuesday, i thought i had possibly fractured a few riblettes, so i drove myself to the minor injury center at kaiser walnut creek. kaiser oakland is closer to me, but i'd have had to wait in the ER to be seen and i'd likely still be waiting there today. the doc who saw me said there wasn't much he could do for fractured ribs, but pain meds. he decided to x-ray my chest and left hand since i told him i was planning on doing the wildflower triathlon the first weekend in may.

after returning to the MIC after getting my x-rays, the doc informed me that i had no rib fractures, but likey my left hand was fractured. i ended up leaving the place with a removable cast. by friday i was feeling a thousand times better (still in alot of pain but improving day by day) and asked my primary care physician to review the x-rays as i was doubting the original docs diagnosis. she confirmed along with a radiologists that i did not have a hand fracture, so off went the cast and i've just been splinting the pinky and ring finger together to protect it from my clumsy actions.

i tried swimming a few laps on saturday, but bailed on that fairly early as heavy breathing really hurts the ribs and opted for the hot tub soak instead. i have swim practice on tuesday night. it is my goal to show up. i don't know how much of the workout i'll be able to do, but i'll give it a go.

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