Monday, April 28, 2008

picot hem top socks on a legare 400

using Laura's ( hand dyed superwash wool, i somehow cranked out a pair (using the 72 cyll) out in under 3 hours! woohoo a new record for moi. i also mangaged not to drop a stitch during the 45 rows using the ribber on the 2nd sock too. another first! i am still struggling to find out how to get snugger fitting socks. the gauge SEEMS right (going to have to put a measuring tape to 'em) but they're still a bit floppier then i'd like them to fit. this pair is going to a friend for a belated birthday. i'm packaging it in a sushi togo tray, each one rolled up like a sushi roll. (pic later)


  1. I'm struggling with the same issue. What about using the 54 instead? I've been using the 54, have only completed 2 socks, not even a pair, no ribbing but for now just want to make them, and they do tend to be loose. I like the fabric of the heel and toe the best, so the next pair, I'm going to have the spring pulled down 3/4 for the sock, and all the way for heel and toe.

  2. sounds like you're getting the same loose socks as i was on my 54. i changed to my 72 and now get much snugger socks. not as snug as i'd like 'em, but snugger. i'm struggling with the dreaded dropped stitches during ribbing syndrome. i was hoping to crank out another pair this evening, but i'm going back to my hand knitted stuff tonight as i was going to pitch the darn thing out my 2nd story window! ;)

    since the cyllinders are the same size in circumference, the result of going from 54 to 72 without any other changes of course equates to mores stitches per inch aka tighter gauge.

    then when you add ribbing etc, you'll get even snugger socks. a 1x1 rib would be much snugger than a 1x3, but i find those look too much like white gym socks. i'm also going to try ribbing on the top of the foot bed section, but alas, too many dropped stitches during my ribbing and so far...nothing to prove my theories yet. keep me posted on your progress.