Monday, April 7, 2008

purlgurl gets schooled at Dirt Day 101

Well, I'm banged up from my ribcage on down to my hip bone and the bruise on my hip is pretty nasty looking now. A little road rash and mainly my damaged ego. Sigh...A group of us went to one of the OHV (off highway vehicle) areas in San Luis Resevoir State Recreation Area in Gustine, CA about 2 hrs. from Berkeley on Sunday. It was my first time out on a dirt bike. I had a blast tooling around on my friends' various dirt bikes. Later that afternoon I got a little too confident and followed a more experienced rider on a few whoopdies a bit too fast. Well there were 3 in sucession that I did not realize were pretty hairy...I made the first two but supermanned the third. As a result, I am now typing with my right hand as my left is in a cast and my ribcage is bandaged up. As I was teasing one of my other triathlon training buddies who fractured her riblettes (mine are JUST bruised) while snowboarding..."there has got to be easier ways out of doing triathlons than this"...she was riding with us on Sunday too. She faired much better than I. In fact EVERYONE faired better than I. ;)
I'm hosting another knitting squad get together at my house this weekend. I can't handknit, but maybe I'll be able to CSM it instead.

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